We enable people & firms to transform their innovation potential into commercial success

MTI² offers training services and consulting services in a unique blend. We span the essential domains of management by leveraging strong innovation capabilities and commercial capabilities. We love it when we can let innovators think more about the customer and commerce, and when we can let commercial functions think more innovatively. Our processes, tools, and templates enable your innovation and commercial teams to excel and deliver tangible business results.

Make impact with purpose

We strongly believe in deep diving into your challenges and making an impact on purposeful projects, with our team caring about your goals as much as you do. We foster a culture of high integrity, inclusiveness, fairness, honesty, and transparency and expect the same from our business partners.

The services we offer and the areas we cover

Training Services

At MTI² we make your people blossom through customized and action-oriented programs in the areas of innovation, marketing, sales, management and leadership. Our services range from creating a single training on a specific topic to co-developing an entire training architecture.

Consulting Services

With a customized and result-oriented approach, we strive to be your long-term partner and support you with our expertise to successfully reach your goals. We implement sustainable trajectories focused on supporting your people and helping you maintain a strong vision and belief.

Commercial Capabilities

We assist companies in four main areas of commercial capabilities: Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience, and Customer Insights. With several of our team members at the forefront of research in these areas we make sure to always implement state-of-the art knowledge. We deploy these for our clients 4 main ways: through commercial strategy transformations, commercial innovation programs, research assignments and commercial competency development. We have worked with companies of various sizes in the life sciences, technology, and engineering industries.

Innovation Capabilities

We have proven capabilities in place to define your innovation purpose (e.g., ambition and scope), to engage and develop your people to innovate, to deploy and carefully implement solid processes tailored to your innovation purpose and context, and to transfer proven innovation tools and templates. We follow state-of-the-art theory and practice and co-create your bespoke innovation approach from the best of breed of innovation methodologies such as design thinking, grassroots innovation, and dark horse ideation.

About MTI²

MTI² is the offspring of the academic work of prof. dr. Stefan Stremersch, who started MTI² with the intent to go beyond what academia can offer in terms of service but ground it in the same rigor and quality standards. Our team at MTI² leverages strong knowledge and competencies to a clear business result in a very practical manner. Our mission is to enable people and firms to transform their innovation potential into commercial success.

Looking back, the very first associates of MTI² were actually graduated doctoral students of prof. dr. Stefan Stremersch, and they are still part of the team today. That says something about our culture! Since then the team has expanded into a well-blended team of 13 people.

Our customers often describe us as their best kept secret… We are not your typical consultants! We bring a strong process and great people to develop and leverage your capabilities and your people’s competencies. And last but not least, we are honest, transparent, respectful and committed. Click here to get inspired by some of our client stories.

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