Aleksandra Frydrych


Aleksandra Frydrych is an Associate at MTI² working in the role of a content marketeer. She puts her organizational and marketing skills to use when working on the communication activities of the company. Aleksandra is responsible for our social media channels, and the website (which was completely redone in 2023).

At MTI2, Aleksandra is using her marketing background combined with her passion for content creation, to elevate our customers’ experience (e.g., professional video production both for our own communication and training, as well as for customer assignments). Aleksandra plays also a critical role in keeping our digital education skills and assets top-notch. She continuously experiments with new tools and techniques in our digital learning studios, and helps our team stay up-to-date in topics such as edtech, e-learning, and generative AI for upskilling, learning and development.

Aleksandra is also involved in several projects with clients. For instance, for several of our life sciences clients, Aleksandra has been our responsible for communication towards the participants of the trainings as well as towards key stakeholders within the company. In such role, Aleksandra helps the client clearly document and communicate the impact of their academies and trainings to participants and stakeholders. For many other clients, Aleksandra acts in a support role, where she uses her attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills to create and deliver high-quality materials for clients.

She obtained her bachelor in Management at the Warsaw University of Technology. For her master’s degree she followed her passion and successfully completed a master in Marketing and Digital Transformation at Vlerick Business School.