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Innovation Challenge

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health (BIAH) wanted to help marketers be and remain excellent. They wanted to help new marketers joining the company and keep marketers skills fresh through exploring state-of-the-arts tools, cases & simulations, sharing knowledge between people & species groups, and helping marketers use marketing intelligence to make better decisions.

Our collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim

With BIAH we co-created a the Marketing Excellence Academy for all marketers worldwide. To achieve our objectives, we develop a comprehensive suite of modules focused on marketing excellence. The Marketing Excellence Academy is composed of 3 different programs, namely the Introduction to Marketing Program (IMP), the Specialty Marketing Program (SMP) and the Advanced Marketing Program (AMP). The Introduction to Marketing Program (IMP) aims to welcome new marketers to BIAH with open arms. The Specialty Marketing Program (SMP) aims to accelerate BIAH marketers' skills in a specialty through a modular program. The Advanced Marketing Program (AMP) aims to develop senior and high potential marketers, help them think outside the box, excel & spread their wings.


With 10,000 employees in the Animal Health division Boehringer Ingelheim is a market leader in the industry. All marketers within BIAH can learn through our ever expanding online modules where we cover topics such as innovative pricing, positioning, innovation strategy, customer relationship marketing, market research, etc. Through a mentoring program, new marketers also complete tasks that help translate their learnings into their daily job. Our live simulation week brings together marketers to work as teams and translate learning into insights for their function. Our SMP and AMP programs have allowed BIAH to develop commercial leadership and cross-fertilize across hierarchies and business units. Through our action oriented mindset, projects built during the SMP and AMP have been followed through and implemented. 

Clients we had the privilege of working with:

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