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Design Thinking: Books

Books chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

Liedtka and Ogilvie’s book (D4G) explains design thinking, showing how it helps managers turn ideas into growth-driving tools.

Source: Liedtka, Jeanne, Tim Ogilvie et al. (2011). Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers. Columbia Business School Publishing. [Link]

This workbook offers a step-by-step approach to applying the D4G process to projects, guiding users through brainstorming, prototyping, and feedback. It includes new tools and advice for various project types.

Source: Liedtka, Jeanne, Tim Ogilvie et al. (2019). The Designing for Growth Field Book: A Step-by-Step Project Guide. Columbia Business School Publishing. [Link]

Design thinking, popularized by IDEO (a design firm), is a human-centered process used by businesses to find innovative solutions, considering user needs, financial viability, and technical feasibility. This book explains how it helps organizations become more creative and innovative.

Source: Brown, Tim (2019). Change by Design, Revised and Updated: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. HarperBusiness [Link]

Design Thinking: Articles

Articles chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

Design thinking, popularized by Tim Brown, is a method that merges user needs, technical feasibility, and business viability. This article showcases how Brown’s firm, IDEO, utilizes design thinking to solve problems: from streamlining nursing shifts at a hospital to creating a new bike category for adults.

Source: Brown, Tim (2008), “Design Thinking,” Harvard Business Review, June [Link]

Source: Brown, Tim and Roger Martin (2015), “Design for Action,” Harvard Business Review, September [Link]