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Grassroots Innovation: Books

Books chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

This book explores Employee-Driven Innovation, empowering them to unlock new innovation potential in organizations. It emphasizes human resources and social processes for creating new knowledge, aiming to lead research in this area

Source: Høyrup, S., Møller,K., Bonnafous-Boucher, M., Hasse,C. and Lotz, M. (2016). Employee-Driven Innovation: A New Approach. Palgrave Macmillan [Link]

This book offers practical tools for unleashing employee innovation (ideas in their heads) and driving growth. It includes an assessment model and a step-by-step guide for implementing an effective internal innovation program.

Source: Molotsi, H. and Zias, J. (2018). The Intrapreneur’s Journey. Jeff Zias. [Link]

Grassroots Innovation: Articles

Articles chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

This article delves into the case of Allianz UK, showcasing how they successfully implemented an idea management platform. This platform empowered employees to submit and share innovative ideas, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. 

Source: Benbya, H., & Leidner, D. (2018). How Allianz UK Used an Idea Management Platform to Harness Employee Innovation. MIS Quarterly Executive17(2). [Link]

This article explores striking a balance between employee freedom and control. The author argues that well-designed frameworks empower employees and boost performance, citing examples from Netflix and Alaska Airlines. He concludes by emphasizing employee input in framework creation.

Source: Gulati, R. (2018). Structure that’s not stifling. Harvard Business Review96(3), 68-79. [Link]

This article explores fostering innovation in a large, established company. It outlines a solution involving a network of volunteer employees who promote innovation, including “ambassadors” and “coaches” who help identify and solve problems.

Source: Lessl, M., Trill, H., & Birkinshaw, J. (2018). Fostering Employee Innovation at a 150-year-old Company. HBR.org12(17), 1-5. [Link]

Grassroots innovation, where employees voluntarily contribute ideas, flourishes when their needs for autonomy, competence, and connection are met. This paper explores how leadership style and market orientation also play a role in the success of these initiatives, going beyond just individual employee needs.

Source: Stremersch, S., Camacho, N., Keko, E., & Wuyts, S. (2022). Grassroots innovation success: The role of self-determination and leadership style. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39(2), 396-414. [Link]

Grassroots Innovation: Podcasts

Podcasts chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

This conversation dives into employee-driven innovation, exploring conditions for success. It delves into motivation theories, managing autonomy, and choosing the right metrics for innovation teams.

Source: Up Next with Gabriella Mirabelli: Interview with Elio Keko on IJRM paper “Grassroots innovation success: The role of self-determination and leadership style” [Link]