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Jobs to be Done: Books

Books chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

In a competitive marketplace, understanding customer needs is crucial. This book provides a framework (Jobs To Be Done Playbook) to translate customer insights into actionable strategies, leading to desired offerings and customer behavior.

Source: Kalbach, Jim and Michael Tanamachi (2020). The Jobs to Be Done Playbook: Align Your Markets, Organization, and Strategy Around Customer Needs. Two Waves Books. [Link]

This book tackles innovation failure by offering the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework. Learn how to understand customer needs (jobs) across various aspects and utilize them for successful product creation and growth.

Source: Ulwick, Anthony W. (2016). Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice. IDEA BITE PRESS. [Link]

In a competitive market, innovation is crucial but difficult. This book offers the Jobs method: understanding customer needs (jobs) to identify winning ideas. By focusing on functional and emotional goals, companies can uncover hidden opportunities, as with Snapchat’s focus on unfiltered, real-life moments.

Source: Wunker, Stephen, Jessica Wattman, and David Farber (2023). Jobs to Be Done: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation. Amacom [Link]

Jobs to be Done: Articles

Articles chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

This article criticizes focusing on demographics and psychographics, arguing companies should instead understand the tasks (jobs) customers want to accomplish, leading to successful products and services.

Source: Christensen, Clayton, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon and David S. Duncan (2016), “Know Your Customers’ ‘Jobs to be Done’”, Harvard Business Review, Sep. [Link]