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Omnichannel: Books

Books chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

This book exposes how screen designs subtly influence our decisions (like adding bacon to pizza when ordering online!). Behavioral economist Benartzi offers tools to counteract these biases and make smarter choices in the digital world.

Source: Benartzi, Shlomo and Jonah Lehrer (2015). The Smarter Screen. Piatkus. [Link]

This book unveils the science behind why things go viral. Marketing professor Jonah Berger explores six key principles that drive contagious content, from products to rumors. Learn how seemingly ordinary items, like a blender video, can be shared by millions, and gain insights to make your ideas “catch on.”

Source: Berger, Jonah (2014). Contagious: How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age. Simon & Schuster. [Link]

This book tackles confusing marketing messages. Donald Miller argues clear narratives, built on storytelling principles, are key to customer connection and sales growth. He offers a system (StoryBrand) to help businesses of all sizes craft compelling messages.

Source: Miller, Donald (2017). Building a Story Brand. Harper Collins. [Link]

Omnichannel: Articles

Articles chosen by our experts; Summaries offered by Google’s GenAI Gemini

Personalization is booming! (thanks, COVID) Consumers expect it, and companies that deliver see higher sales. The key is using data to understand customer needs and deliver experiences that resonate.

Source: Arora, Nidhi et al. (2021), ” The value of getting personalization right—or wrong—is multiplying,” McKinsey & Company [Link]

Retailers, win in the digital age! This framework prioritizes a seamless customer journey, integrating online and physical channels for information and product fulfillment. It offers a roadmap for future success in a competitive e-commerce landscape.

Source: Bell, David R., Santiago Gallino and Antonio Moreno (2014), “How to Win in an Omnichannel World,” MIT Sloan Management Review [Link]