Dr. Bruno Tindemans

Junior Principal, Strategic Foresight
Dr. Bruno Tindemans is a Visiting Professor on strategic foresight and entrepreneurship at Saïd Business School (University of Oxford) in the EULP University Leaders Programme.
He is also director general based in Brussels and is a post-doctoral researcher in Futures at Ghent University. Bruno holds a Doctorate (DBA) from Cranfield University, School of Management (Cranfield, UK).
He was a co-founder of the Centre for Foresight Research at Ghent University (Belgium) and founded the Flanders Business School, with whom he launched the first Executive MBA program focused on entrepreneurship in Belgium. He collaborated with Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University, Chicago) on that and built an international research institute: the Intrapreneurial Learning Competence Center. He recently became recently a member of the advisory board of the Strategic Foresight Analysis project by Belgian Defense. He has both practical and research experience in strategic foresight and published on the subject in French, English, and Dutch. His most recent book on foresight co-authored with Prof. Derrick Gosselin is ‘Thinking futures: Strategy at the Edge of Complexity and Uncertainty’ (2016, LannooCampus, 2nd ed).

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