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Discover the needs of tomorrow's customers and launch new solutions and business models they will love


Business Model Discovery Sprints

Discover new viable business models

Why Business Model Discovery Sprints?

• Business model design for robust business cases

• Approximately 3-4 business cases per domain/team

• Standardized templates to allow business case comparison and strategic alignment on investment decisions


We work with small teams (of approx. 3 people) and a selection of “concepts” for new services, new products or new business models. We then offer online webinars and coaching to guide these teams to go one step further and build full-fledged business cases based on these concepts. The number of webinars and online coaching sessions will be tailored to your needs (e.g., depends on domain, team size, type of participants, etc).

An example of a template we use to mature business cases and ensure comparability from management’s perspective:

Business Case Pitch Deck:

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