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Learn from others and learn from real company problems

Case discussions

Do you need to deep dive with a select group of people into a specific topic? Do you want your employees to open their minds to new ways of doing things? Do you need your people to think more strategically? Do you need to inspire action? Do you want your employees to learn from colleagues and network within the organization? 

Our case discussions allow participants to learn from others and use analogies to solve their own dilemmas. We will bring experienced case facilitators that will stimulate cross-pollination among participants and help them develop new skills in such areas such as (i) problem solving, (ii) reconciling different perspectives, (iii) deciding on course of action, and (iv) persuading others. The cases we discuss focus on real company problems leading to learning that can be applied to your own company. 

How will our case discussions help your organization?

  • Your employees will improve day-to-day practices

  • Employees across hierarchies and business unit will learn from each other

  • Your employees will acquire new knowledge 

  • You will develop the leadership skills of your employees

What can I expect when I run case discussions with MTI²?

Depending on your company’s objectives, we tailor the length of each program. For example, a 1 day programs allows for a deep dive into a specific topic. We typically combine lecturing with case discussions and teamwork to help your people excel. Our 3 day program allows participants to strengthen their competencies on a wide range of topics. Participants are incited to drive change in their organization, through teamwork focused on establishing an actionable plan for execution. These programs are suitable for all levels in the organization and we cater our lectures, case studies and teamwork to suit the needs to the audience. We apply a 'learn-think-act' approach to establish insights and action that you can take in your organization.  

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