Commercial Capabilities

Our home base!

This is where our team of consultants and trainers play home base. Through professorships, Ph.D. and master’s degrees, our team has high-level expertise in the fields of marketing, customer experience, customer insights, and sales. This ensures that our team is always up to date with new developments in these fields.

In the words of our clients: “MTI² consultants and trainers are top world experts!”

Our Commercial Capabilities for You

We assist companies in four main areas of commercial capabilities: (1) Marketing; (2) Sales; (3) Customer Experience and (4) Customer Insights. For several of our customers, we deploy in several of these areas at the same time to integrate the commercial approach, connect across silos and adopt one commercial language.

We have deployed these capabilities in companies of various sizes and in a wide variety of industries, e.g. life sciences, technology, and engineering. To find out more about our expertise, read our specific client cases.

Our way of working

We deploy commercial capabilities for our clients in 4 main ways

Commercial strategy transformation​

These trajectories are journeys with clients on either a specific commercial transformation question, e.g. how to introduce a branded approach in a generic business, how to support a higher price point, how to make a new product fly commercially; or a complete overhaul of the commercial strategy to make the company overall more profitable or purposeful. These trajectories can take the shape of a series of 3-4 workshops to address a specific challenge over a few months to a completely customized transformation journey that takes years to complete. In rare cases, we have been assisting firms with their commercial strategy for a decade or more.

Commercial innovation programs

These are ideation-maturation-implementation programs ranging from one ideation workshop to typically a 3-6 months process involving between 6 to 20 employees of the client's firm. Examples of questions we have addressed: How can we “green” the assortments of products we sell, and where should we start? How do we enhance the quality of life of our patients beyond therapy? How to derive high-potential market space opportunities from our customer insights? How should we innovate our commercial approach?

Research assignments

Research assignments are specific research assignments on commercial questions that require advanced skills or expertise. In this area, we only accept assignments that specifically leverage our innovation and commercial strategy capabilities. Examples of questions we have addressed: Why did our newly launched product or service not fly? How should we position or price a new product or service? How large is the market for a new product or service? Where in our market are the biggest opportunities for us? What distinguished features should our offering have to have to be successful? How much do we differentiate from competitors at present, and how can we do so more in the future? Finally, we have worked together with legal agencies around the world in expert witness cases (trial and arbitration).

Commercial competencies of commercial roles

Commercial competencies of commercial roles in your company to deliver upon your firm’s desired commercial capabilities are key. We train your people in the areas of marketing, customer experience, customer insights, and sales, to develop better knowledge, competencies, and attitudes to deliver in a tangibly better way on your commercial approach. We help you set up complete commercial training academies from scratch, deliver the training to your talent in a certain domain within your existing academy or deliver a one-shot training pulse. Read more about our training services here.

Acing Your Assignments: Samples of our Clients' Challenges

The marketing manager for lubricants of a leading energy company

“Can you organize a workshop to inspire our commercial people on new ways to market our lubricants?”

Head of Commercial Excellence of several biopharma firms

“Can you help us set up a training academy for our commercial functions?” (next question: can you execute a first series of training for our commercial functions in the new training academy we set up together?)

The Head of Customer Insights and Head of Innovation of a food supplier

“Can you help us integrate our Customer Insights derived from big data with our innovation agenda?”

The head of a marketing academy of a global engineering leader

1.“Can you train our people on digital marketing?”; 2. “can you do a series of four sessions on this rather than one?”; 3. “Can you help us rethink our entire commercial academy approach?”

The project team lead of an innovation team within a large tier-1 automotive manufacturer

“Can you validate the market potential for a new engine technology we are developing?”

The Belgian marketing manager of a global top 5 biopharma firm

“Can you measure our brand reputation with Belgian physicians?”

The CMO of a medium-sized Dutch IT-firm

“Can you examine why our new service proposition did not fly?” (next question: “Can you help us reorganize our commercial organization to better market our new and old service offerings?”; next question: “Can you serve as long term strategy advisor to the board and owner of the firm?”)

The CEO of the Dutch division of a leading biopharma firm

“Can you set up a process for us to find ways of how to commercially serve our patients better beyond the therapy in two fields of specialty care?”

Family owners of a mid-size Belgian industrial services firm

“Can you help us to transform our business to be more profitable?”

Client stories on our Commercial Capabilities


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