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Set your goal,
Choose your path,
Reach your summit.
Let us be your ‘sherpa’!

Our customers often refer to our consulting services as their best-kept secret, as their secret sauce. Typically we are not referred to as ‘consultants’. Why? Because in us, our customers find long-term partners and trusted advisors, who accept their goals as their own, who create sustainable trajectories focused on supporting their people, and whose primary goal it is to see you shine in your own company.

About our partnership

As our customer’s ‘secret sauce’, we don’t do things in a typical way at MTI². For example, we choose not to write reports on what the current trends are or what your organization “should do”. We are not prescriptive in that way. We believe that you know your business best, and you therefore know what goals you want to achieve. During our partnership, we will support you with our expertise so that you can successfully reach them.

Our customers love us because we don’t copy-paste process protocols across firms. We love the variation in our work because it creates our key return from our consulting activities: we never stop learning!

Domains we cover

Firms consult us on how to develop stronger innovation and commercial capabilities across a variety of challenges.

Innovation Challenges

Innovation goal-setting

Clarifying innovation ambition and developing metrics on innovation goals.

Innovation process design

Building and, if so desired, running your bespoke (ambition-context) innovation process with process manuals and implementation tooling.

Innovation tooling and templates

Tailoring tooling and templates for your innovation process.

Innovation project coaching

Coaching and supporting innovation team(s) with drumbeating, project management and market validation services.

Innovation capabilities training

How to upskill people to have the right competencies to deliver on innovation capabilities of the firm.

Innovation process soundboarding

Proactively benchmarking innovation processes against best practices, refining rollout strategies, anticipatig challenges, and minimizing errors.

Commercial Challenges

Commercial strategy

Designing actions to take advantage of key opportunities for value creation and value extraction.

Customer insights

Turning customer data and behavior into actionable insights.

Commercial organization of the firm

Restructuring of the firm to more effectively deliver on its desired commercial capabilities.

Launch and Takeoff

Developing effective launch strategies for new products or services, including post-mortems when innovations did not fly and how to possibly relaunch.

Commercial capabilities training

How to upskill commercial functions to have the right competencies to deliver on commercial capabilities of the firm.

At MTI², it is all about you²


Set your goal!
We talk about your ambition and how to make it tangible. We often help leaders to clarify their ambition at a more granular level and challenge its suitability and feasibility. We always accept these goals as our own, even (or especially) if they are very challenging.


Chart the journey!

We recognize that often we are a part of managing change in your organization. To reach your goals, we often help facilitating change and have the tools and the people-focus to do it. Together, we chart the journey to go from “ what is” to “what should be”.


Make a plan!
Any ambitious journey requires a plan. We create an improvement trajectory and action plan. We deploy strong process in a clear governance structure. We are great at managing drumbeats for change.


We are your sherpa!
We mean this quite literally. We are secondary to you, we support you and persistently focus on achieving the results you want to achieve. In the process, we are always transparent, we tell you honestly what we think, even if it is what you may not like to hear. We are passionate sherpas!


Reach your summit!
We bring strong expertise and are flexible in how we work (without eliminating the secret sauce), such that you reach your desired result, and see yourself shine in your organization!

Client stories on our consulting services


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