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Innovation growth academy

MTI² Innovation Growth Academy

In turbulent times, it is more important than ever to upskill the competencies of your employees. However, too many online courses don’t deliver tangible results. We see innovation like a hot air balloon. If you want to fly you need hot air. You can see motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, excitement and energy as hot air in a balloon. You need hot air to keep going to your destination. Our goal is provide you with the right tools so you and your employees can innovate to the destination you want. We developed our innovation growth academy specifically for organizations that want to boost their employees who want to achieve the following objectives:

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Do you need your people to stay up to date with the latest ​marketing & innovation knowledge? Do you need your new people to get the basics right? Do you want to install a common language in the organization? Do you need to allow people to learn at their own pace? Do you want to know the latest techniques to drive innovation? Do you want more knowledge on how to conduct market research or set pricing?


If you had to say yes to a lot of these questions, our innovation growth academy is your solution! 

What does a virtual growth academy look like?

We compare our innovation process with a hot air balloon flight. You have to take some steps before you can fly effectively. This also applies to innovation.

Our virtual growth academies allow participants to gain inspiration from the latest cases. We combine inspiring cases with state-of-the-art knowledge and tools to bring participants up to speed with the freshest knowledge in the field. Online modules are set up so that participants can learn at their own pace. Through its various components (e.g., webinars, videos, readings, possibly combined with assignments, project work and/or a mentoring program) the online modules help participants apply the knowledge they gain to their daily job. 

Our growth academy offers you a package of different modules, that can be tailored to your company's challenges and goals. By customizing it, we can upskill your people in the areas that are most relevant to your organization. You can immediately onboard your employees and our dedicated coaches will pace you through your virtual journey. This way, the academy has an impact on your team and your organization.

The following is an example of an academy focused on customer-centric ideation and innovation:

overview modules.png

Over the course of these modules, we help you apply state-of-the-art tools that you can apply in your day-to-day practice. This ensures an action-oriented approach. Some examples of our tools:

Tools picture.png

How will our virtual growth academies help your organization?

  • Your employees will have the latest knowledge in the field

  • The people in your organization will speak the same language and facilitate communication

  • Your employees will be able to implement new knowledge in their jobs

  • You will establish a learning organization where employees can continuously learn at their own pace

What can I expect when I work with MTI² on a virtual growth academy?

We will start by sitting together to understand your needs and goals. We can then advise you on the elements to include and topics to cover in your online modules. Our online modules are composed of different optional elements including:​​

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We bring our expertise in marketing and innovation to cover a variety of topics in our online training. For examples, modules can cover topics such as pricing, business model innovation, digital marketing, customer journey, market research tools, design thinking, and ideation. 

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