15-16 June 2023


Open Program

Customer-Centric Innovation

We will take you on a 2-day journey from empathizing with customers to building compelling value propositions. Whether your function is in innovation, marketing, market research, and beyond, we will work together to help you become more customer-centric. 

Here are some things that you can expect

Topics we will cover

Voice of Customer

Source of inspiration

Capture the true VoC

Tell inspirational stories


Connecting Needs & Solutions

Design thinking

Customer personas

Jobs to be done



Generating Innovative Ideas

How might we's

White & dark horsing

Idea napkins



Customer Journeys

CJ mapping

Beyond satisfaction

Blue ocean strategy



Value Propositions

Value creation & extraction

Assumption testing

Building a pitch



Our Team

Elio Keko, PhD

Passionate about customer-centricity & marketing strategy, specializing in employee-based innovation.

Isabel Verniers, PhD

Professor with a passion for unleashing change within organizations, specialized in stakeholder management.

Jorne Valstar

Senior Associate at MTI² with ample experience in innovation-based projects from ideation to inception.

Stefan Stremersch, PhD
World renowned professor specialized in innovation diffusion, marketing of science & commercialization of new technologies.

Elke Cabooter, PhD

Sales professor, with a passion for marketing, customer insights and interpreting data.

Gert Jan Prevo, drs

Passionate and experienced marketer with a special interest in marketing of innovations.

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Fee per participant: €2,400 (excl. VAT).

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MTI² Team

Note: Rates for the two-day program include refreshments & lunches for the 2 days, but exclude dinner, accommodation & travel expenses.