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Discover the needs of tomorrow's customers and launch new solutions and business models they will love

Customized Online Innovation


More than ever before, it is now time to innovate. A new economic reality will require all firms to rethink their business models, to understand new customer habits, and to re-invent their products and services. MTI2 is here to help you fast-track your way into this new reality.

We tailor “best of breed” action-oriented tools to power up your innovation efforts. For instance, in customer discovery sprints we tailor design thinking tools and combine them with tailored coaching to help your teams understand what your customers need today and will need tomorrow. We also tailor lean startup and business modeling tools to help your innovators define an agile go-to-action plan and discover new opportunities that your firm can start exploiting immediately.

Ultimately, our tailored tools and online coaching will help your teams innovate in an agile world.

How will our customized online innovation help your organization?


  • Discover what your customers will want tomorrow

  • Discover what can you sell to tomorrow's customers

  • Discover how to make a viable business case out of your ideas


  • Design lean experiments to learn fast 

  • Validate the viability of lean solutions for your customers

  • Prioritize your actions and launch new cost-effective business models

How can you kick-start your customized online innovation with MTI2?

STEP 1 - Intake Call

We ensure we fully understand:

  • Your goals

  • Challenges to tackle

  • Opportunities to exploit

  • Timeline you have in mind

  • Participant profile and selection

STEP 2 - Tailor-made design

We propose a tailored online innovation trajectory that fits your goals:

  • Components to adopt in your trajectory

  • Duration and deliverables for your component(s)

  • Mix of tooling, cases and methodologies to reach your goals

How does a customized online innovation trajectory with MTI2 looks like?

We tailor the components in your innovation trajectory to your goals. This means mixing discovery and experiment components, as well as the cases, methods and tools in each components, to best fit your needs.

Some examples of discovery and experimentation components we have used:

Discovery components:

Discover 3.JPG

Discover how the needs of your customer are changing

Discover new solutions you can sell to your customers

Discover new viable business models

Experimentation components:

Experiment 1.JPG

De-risk and accelerate your go-to-market

Experiment 2.JPG

Design experiments to validate your assumptions in a real-life environment