Senior Associate, Innovation

Delphine Delarue


Delphine Delarue is a Senior Associate at MTI². She is passionate about innovation, marketing and the bridge between the two. She is specialized in engineering- and science-intensive industries, such as construction, engineering, and life sciences. Next to her marketing and innovation knowledge, she also has a creative side which she applies in the communication strategy for the projects and companies we work with.

Delphine has delivered and guided innovation trajectories to marketers and innovators from multinational companies such as Aliaxis and Dechra, and has managed commercial, marketing, and innovation projects at companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Grünenthal, Dechra, Aliaxis, and Euromat.

Delphine also works ad-interim marketing lead for some of our clients. For example, Delphine has recently been highly involved in marketing projects of a client in the B2B construction industry, where she has not only taken on the role of marketing lead but also plays an important role in driving transformative initiatives within the company. In this type of projects, Delphine not only takes responsibility for specific functional areas (e.g., strategic marketing planning, digital marketing, and designing and deploying creative new concepts) but plays also an instrumental role in shaping the business acumen and collaborative mindset of our clients’ teams (e.g., by analyzing financial aspects of their business, and working out strategic team-building workshops to cultivate collaborative change).

One of Delphine’s strengths is to establish a good relationship with team members such that she can guide and challenge them but also blend in. Her positivity and persistence are an ideal combination of strengths to add value to any project she is involved with, across multiple industries.

With her background in commercial science from the University of Ghent and a second master’s in entrepreneurship and innovation from Antwerp Management School, she has all the tools to combine her two passions.