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DIGITAL MARKETING FOR THE LIFE SCIENCES Customize, Upskill, Drive Action, Sustain

Customized Online Program on Digital Marketing for the Life Sciences


Do you want to upskill your talented marketers and product/brand managers? Do you want to build solid knowledge on digital marketing in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries? Do you want to stimulate action and new digital initiatives within a short period of time? And do so in a sustainable manner? Check out the video below to get a quick overview of our digital marketing for the life sciences offering.

Digital Marketing for the Life Sciences
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If you just train people, you strain their talent!

Develop & inspire your talent to drive desired action in a sustainable way.

Our customized online program on Digital Marketing for the Life Sciences will help your firm deep dive on the latest digital marketing trends for the life sciences. To do so, we rely on “best of breed” content curated by our experts to help participants gain the skills they need to fit your company’s specific goals. In these programs we will also offer tailored tools and online coaching to help participants launch new game-changing digital marketing initiatives your customers will love. 

How will our Customized Online Program on Digital Marketing for the Life Sciences help your organization?

What can I expect if I run a customized online program with MTI²?

Step 1 - Intake call to align on program goals, mix of methods & tools and participant profile

First, we will discuss “best of breed” methods and tools on digital marketing and carefully choose those that best fit your goals. This will also depend on whom you decide to assign to join the program, so we will also have a discussion about participant selection. Selecting the right applicants is critical to allow us to build a team of participants that will drive up the value of the online program for them, for colleagues and for your organization. Per program, we usually work with 4-12 participants who will work on this program part-time, so maintaining their current functions.

Digital Marketing for Life Sciences _ To

Step 2 - Program design

In this phase, with your goals and participant profile in mind, MTI² then proposes a concrete program design, including a timeline and a mix of outside-inspiration cases and content (to “upskill” your talent) as well as a mix of action-oriented and habit-changing tools (to drive your talent to “act”). An example of such a design could be the following:

Digital Marketing for Life Sciences _ Ph

Step 3 - Launch the Program

We can kick-start the program shortly after participants have been enrolled and the program design has been approved. We will run this program fully online using either Zoom or a mutually agreed platform that allows for sufficient interaction during the webinars and online discussion and coaching sessions. At this phase, it is also important to discuss how much online coaching will you want to offer your participants, which depends on your balance between the “upskilling” and “driving action” goals of your program.

Digital Marketing for Life Sciences _ Ph

Throughout the process we can offer expert coaching to help participants prioritize translate their newly acquired skills into  concrete and implementable actions.

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