Distinguishing different customer types and effectively targeting them with a unique and valuable positioning should be in every marketer’s toolkit. We discuss inspirational cases of how leading firms like Nike, Starbucks, or Tesla, and firms in your industry, have made successful STP decisions and guide you through clear tooling options to make more effective STP decisions.

As a modern successor to STP decisions, customer profiling focuses on identifying customer types and adjusting the marketing approach to better fit these profiles. It also identifies ways to gather profiling information and act on it effectively. We typically train commercial roles in this new way of thinking and often connect it to customer experience thinking.

Today, it is no longer a question of being offline or online. Today, it’s a game of being everywhere at the right time for the right customer. In our training program, we piggyback on successful omnichannel approaches by Starbucks, Sephora, and Michelin and digital marketing by companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Booking.com to leverage insights for your omnichannel approach. We guide you through tooling to clarify your objectives, set up the right metrics, understand how your actions affect the journey of different customers and set up lean experiments.

Where creativity was once considered king in marketing, now it has to share the seat with evidence-supported decisions. Our training programs highlight the superiority of this type of decision-making in companies such as P&G, Booking.com, Komatsu, and Campbell’s and help you to solidify an evidence-based attitude among your marketers without losing sight of the essential role of creativity.

The success of many firms often ties closely to the successful launch of innovations. Our training programs on launch excellence review successful launches, such as the Tesla Model S and Model 3, Eli Lilly’s Cialis P&G’s Febreze, and many more. We derive ‘Critical Success Factors for Launch’ and review your innovation pipeline together. The goal is to work together with your team to prepare or optimize plans for a successful launch globally and locally.

Many brilliant brands have been built in an extraordinary manner. Still, there are clear rules for building brand equity and managing brands. Our training programs help you make your brand stronger. We typically mix inspiration sessions with project work to achieve tangible results for your brands. We also focus on brand architecture issues, such as establishing stronger parent brand endorsement or cleaning up the brand architecture.

Our training programs can accommodate a more managerial approach to pricing, such as how to set prices, what evidence to use for pricing decisions, and how to set promotional discounts, or a more behavioral approach, such as how customers process price information, what biases they show in price processing and how to use these biases to maximize firm profits. We use cases of companies such as Starbucks, Steinway & Sons, BMW, Novartis, and Corning to showcase optimal pricing approaches and help you translate them to your own pricing decisions.