Marketing is increasingly complemented by what is referred to as customer experience. In our training programs, we offer commercial roles an introduction to this customer-first approach. By looking at cases of companies who have a strong customer-centric approach such as Starbucks, Lemonade (an Insurtech start-up), and Nike, we bring home a common understanding of terminology and a clear call to action to put the customer first in everything you do.

Whether used in isolation or as part of a complete customer experience approach, customer journey mapping is a powerful tool and will help you better serve your customer. Our training programs show you how to utilize this tool best, how to prevent inefficiencies, and how to remain focused on the goal, which can be to make customers happier, maximize profits and rethink pricing. We bring interesting cases from telecommunication, entertainment, automotive and pharmaceuticals to inspire your own customer journey mapping.

There are many reasons why firms want to gather better customer insights and there are many methods to do so. In our training programs, we review the motivation of your firm and turn to a review of 50 years of customer insights methods – which have grown exponentially in the recent decade – to demonstrate which method is superior for which purpose. We typically end the training with a project module where we review the gathered insights and develop improvements to implement.

With customer personas we dive even deeper into the new ‘Customer First’ logic. A customer persona is a deep description exemplifying a specific customer profile. The idea is to specify customer characteristics, needs, wants and frustrations, a day-in-the-life, etc. With our training programs we help you understand the logic behind customer personas and teach you how to apply it (e.g., through deep immersion with customers)to specific cases. We expand the usage in your firm through project work.