Associate Principal

Prof.dr. Elke Cabooter


Elke Cabooter is an Associate Principal at MTI². Elke has more than a decade of experience in Consumer Behavior and Customer Insights. She has, prior to her PhD, expertise in market research at a major market research company (Censydiam-Ipsos, Belgium) where she worked with clients like Heineken, and Unilever.

Elke is the main contact person for the Academic Creativity Labs (ACL) at MTI². ACL offers a diverse set of trainings to academics to improve their skills and to bridge academia with the business world. Further, Elke is involved in coaching and research for commercial and innovation trainings for clients such as Dechra.

Elke’s lively energy ensures constant excitement in any gathering. Conversations with Elke effortlessly flow and captivate all involved. Her storytelling skills are top-notch; she can spin a tale that keeps everyone hooked. Despite any challenges, Elke remains always cheerful, spreading joy and positivity wherever she goes.

Elke is also an Associate professor at IESEG School of Management, France, where she is part of the marketing and sales department. Elke has expertise in Market Research and Consumer Behavior. At IESEG, she teaches marketing strategy, pricing and market research.

Elke obtained her PhD in Consumer Behavior at Ghent University (in Belgium), in which she studied the effect of dispositional and situational variables on measurement error. Elke has published in some of the top journals in marketing (e.g., Journal of Consumer Psychology and International Journal of Research in Marketing).