Associate, Marketing

Gert Jan Prevo


Gert Jan Prevo is an associate at MTI², he is a passionate marketer with a special interest in marketing of innovations. He has been involved in innovation initiatives for multinational companies such as Michelin and Baloise.

Currently, he is highly involved in the development of trainings for the commercial marketing academy of Grünenthal. Building on his tech savviness, Gert Jan regularly contributes to further improving the customer experience (e.g., integrating the use of a green screen in video production) that we offer our clients. 

Gert Jan has a strong background in marketing and innovation. In 2024, he will graduate from his PhD at the Business Economics department of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His dissertation is focused precisely on marketing and innovation, more specifically he is studying innovation metrics (i.e., which KPI’s should firms use to best measure new product development performance and manage their portfolios) and drivers of the success of innovation ideas (e.g., the role of analogical thinking in ideation; how should firms learn both from prior successes and prior inevitable failures in innovation).

At MTI², Gert Jan is using his academic background and practical knowledge from multiple projects to create real-world impact for our clients. Clients often express their gratitude and appreciation for Gert Jan’s unwavering dedication to creating value for them.