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Idea generation workshops 

Does your company feel it would be good to have some refreshing ideas on a specific customer (segment) problem or new ideas serving existing or new customers better? Or do you feel it would be good to bring some employees together as sharing can be improved within your organization? Why not run an idea generation workshop. We can help your company with generating new ideas to solve customer problems or in other words: Bridge marketing and innovation at the very beginning of an innovation process.

Bringing employees together in an idea generation workshop is the perfect way to create synergies within your organization and to boost the creativity within your organization with the goal of achieving results for your organization. We have heard from many companies that it’s not always easy to facilitate such a workshop themselves or that there is always a learning opportunity in mastering new idea generation techniques. In a world where lifelong learning is gaining in importance, let’s not underestimate the impact such a learning experience can have on your company’s employees motivation.

How will our idea generation workshop help your organization?

  • Every employee will have at least 2 new ideas focused on a (potential) customer’s problem

  • Your employees will get practical tools focused on idea generation which they can further apply in their daily jobs

  • Your employees will be stretched to think beyond their daily job typically leading to increased motivation

  • Your employees will share insights and ideas with one another leading to potential further collaboration & sharing

  • Your management will get a easy-to-compare ideas format enabling decisions

Idea Generation Workshops
Idea Generation Worshops
Idea Generation Workshops
Idea Generation Workshops

What can I expect when I run an idea generation workshop with MTI²?

We will start by sitting together with you and listening to your objectives. Based on what we hear, we will show you examples of what we think could work within your organization. We will then prepare by making an idea generation workshop that fits your objectives by selecting the right idea generation tools, the right examples and the right collaboration formats. We will build on your feedback prior to running the workshop to ensure a clear and engaging briefing of participating employees.

On your side, you will invite approximately 15-25 (easily adaptable to your needs) participants to our 1-day idea generation workshop. The main components of such a day are as follows (standard agenda shown with agenda always thoroughly discussed with you):


  • Welcome and getting started

  • Tools & templates with practical examples

  • Time for action: Getting started with idea generation


  • Time to help each other: Feedback rounds (“Mr/Mrs Upside/Downside”)

  • Fine-tune your idea

  • Sharing your ideas

  • Wrap-up