Let your employees craft their workplace to ensure a more meaningful and engaging work experience.

Innovation as Therapy

More than ever, it is important for firms to act proactively in order to maintain employee motivation and well-being. Monotony, lack of purpose, lack of mastery, and a lack of autonomy are well-known drivers of costly problems such as employee stress, mental burnout and boreout in the workplace. 

Besides the huge human costs of low mental well-being in your teams, these problems generate huge economic losses, for instance:

  • Disengagement costs: Absenteeism and lower productivity of disengaged employees cost employers up to 34% of those employees' salaries. [1]

  • Employee turnover costs: 95% of HR leaders say burnout is sabotaging retention efforts. [2]

  • Health costs: Workplace stress accounts for $125-$190 billion in healthcare costs per year in the US alone. [3]

The good news: Letting employees craft their own job prevents workplace stress

Recent advances in the "science of happiness" suggests that allowing employees to innovate their job and workplace is one of the best ways to ensure their mental well-being. Our Innovation as Therapy program will help your employees replace boredom with meaning in the workplace. To do so, we leverage on innovation tooling (e.g., from the design thinking toolbox) to help employees (indiviudally or in small groups) engage in "job crafting", i.e., having a chance to design their roles and work routines for a more meaningful experience of work, one that engages their head (intellectual stimulation), their hearts (emotional commitment), and hands (actionable, implementable outcomes).


How does our Innovation as Therapy work?


Our Innovation as Therapy process will help your firm deep dive on key pre-chosen societal trends to create new game-changing innovations for your workplace. Our process is tailored to your needs, but the figure above gives you an idea of the typical steps in it. The process also allows anyone from the company to be selected to work on workplace innovation and inspires them with cases, design thinking tooling and new emerging trends that, combined, help participants develop winning innovations for your firm's workplace and HR processes. In this process, people can work on workplace innovation part-time or can be fully dedicated to work on new workplace innovations in a new area. 

How can you kick-start your Innovation as Therapy with MTI²?

STEP 1 - Intake Call

We ensure we fully understand:

  • Your goals

  • Challenges to tackle

  • Opportunities to exploit

  • Timeline you have in mind

  • Participant profile and selection


STEP 2 - Tailor-made design

We propose a tailored trajectory with:

  • Components to adopt in your trajectory

  • Duration and deliverables for your component(s)

  • Mix of tooling, cases and methodologies to reach your goals

What is the science behind Innovation as Therapy?

Our Innovation as Therapy is a unique program that marries methods from the "science of happiness" with a rigorous process grounded on the latest innovation tooling and techniques (e.g., design thinking toolbox). 

We leverage the latest scientific advances in behavioral economics and social psychology (e.g., subjective well-being, motivation theories, incentive design, and economics of happiness) to help you innovate your workplace. We leverage our innovation experience and state-of-the-art tooling to ensure your process results in high engagement among participants and impactful ideas to improve your workplace.