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Make strategic decisions in a real life environment

Interactive simulations

Do you need your employees to better understand the impact of their decisions on the entire company? Do you want to improve teamwork and bring people together from different departments or business units? Do you want your people to think more strategically?

Our interactive simulations allow participants to make strategic decisions in a real life environment. They train participants in several areas such as building and understanding market research, deciding on their innovation strategy, making pricing decisions, etc. The programs focus on the importance of teamwork in a fast-paced and competitive environment.

How will our interactive simulations help your organization?

  • Your employees will think more strategically about the decisions they make

  • Employees will learn to work together to achieve a common goal 

  • Your employees will gain specific skills (e.g., how to build and draw insight from market research)

  • You will translate knowledge into every day practices 

What can I expect when I run interactive simulations with MTI²?

We will work closely together to select the right simulation for your needs and select the teams that will participate in the program. Each day of the program will be focused on a specific topic (e.g., defining your strategy, learning from marketing decisions, etc.). Each day includes collective sessions and team work, and for each day we work with templates to capture learnings and transfer them to participants daily work. At the end of the program (e.g., 5-day program) we have a post-mortem session were we analyse decisions and learnings.

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