Partner, launch of innovations

dr. Isabel Verniers

Isabel has co-designed and led several award-winning innovation and upskilling processes across a diverse set of industries. In these processes, Isabel also delivers upskilling and coaching sessions for employees and innovators. Besides her consulting and mentoring work, Isabel is affiliated with the University of Ghent in Belgium (her alma mater) in the area of marketing, innovation, and organization. Isabel has been a speaker and chair at several international conferences on the topic of change and innovation management.

Isabel is a Partner at MTI² and has led many end-to-end marketing strategy and innovation projects, across a diverse set of industries such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences, automotive, chemicals, construction, engineering, financial services, and telecommunications, to name just a few.

Specifically, Isabel co-designed and deployed processes for clients such as Baloise Insurance, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Merck, Baxter, KLM, MAHLE, Michelin, Novartis, SABIC, Agentschap voor Ondernemersvorming (Flemish Government) and University of Ghent. The processes she helped to implement at such firms have led to clear and visible results in business value. In these projects, she provides business training and coaching for employees.

She also engages in online learning, in the fields of marketing, innovation, ideation, and intra/entrepreneurship. Finally, she acts as a coach to entrepreneurs and innovation teams, both in small firms and large firms. Isabel has coached more than 500 innovation teams on making business plans for their innovation project or getting ready for market launch.

She obtained her PhD at Ghent University in Belgium on science-based innovation and launch of innovations (international market access in the life science industry). She has been Assistant Professor Marketing at Erasmus University Rotterdam (where she taught Marketing Strategy of the Life Sciences) and a visiting scholar at Duke University (US) where she focused her education on pharmaceutical marketing. Today, she continues to be affiliated with Ghent University as a Visiting Professor of Marketing, Innovation and Organisation at the Faculty of Economics and Administration.