Inspiration shots: Pricing from Objectives to Customer Insights

Online session given by Jorne Valstar, April 13th, 15:00-16:15 CET
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Jorne, a marketer from the Netherlands, joined MTI2 and immediately rolled up his sleeves to work on several projects where he could apply his marketing and market research expertise and experience. He carried out extensive pricing analyses and research on customer and market insights for B2B clients. He is also working in the validation of customer and market assumptions for innovation ideas
In this session, Jorne Valstar will provide insights on pricing based on research of the last decades and practical experience. The discussion he will raise will be focused on 3 topics regarding pricing:
• Pricing Objectives & Approaches; the How and Why of your product pricing
• Pricing Strategies; discussion of strategy and possible price adjustments
• Customer insights for pricing; how to get insights on your pricing
With creative examples and an open discussion we will also be able to learn from each others viewpoints and knowledge. Since we have the best experience with small groups of participants we will keep this session exclusive to a limited amount of people, make sure to register as soon as possible: "first registered, first accepted".
Hope to see you on April 13th 
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