Jorne Valstar

Associate, marketi
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Jorne, a marketer from the Netherlands, joined  MTI² and immediately rolled up his sleeves to work on several projects where he could apply his marketing and market research expertise and experience. He carried out extensive pricing analyses and research on customer and market insights for B2B clients. He is also working in the validation of customer and market assumptions for innovation ideas. In his work, Jorne strives for a balance between strategy and ‘doing it’, a balance that adds value to every assignment he partakes in.
Jorne Valstar (MSc., Erasmus University Rotterdam) is an Associate at MTI² and has steered various marketing and customer & market insights projects across industries. In these projects, Jorne applies a variety of tools from different fields ranging from standard economics to behavioral economics, classical customer research, and pricing optimization. 

For instance, since January 2021, Jorne is working on marketing projects for trusted clients both in B2B (e.g., marketing strategy and pricing engineering for a client in the construction industry) and B2C (e.g., customer journey mapping in a telco operator). With a hands-on mindset and an extrovert personality, Jorne seamlessly integrates and collaborates with different people and teams within our clients, and helps with marketing implementation (i.e., managing and accelerating day-by-day marketing processes).

Besides his work with clients, Jorne is also helping us shape new value propositions for existing and new clients, for instance in the area of early-stage assumption validation for new products and offerings, using a variety of market research tools that range from qualitative techniques ("thick data") to state-of-the-art quantitative techniques ("big data"). With a strong academic background which consists of two different masters (behavioral economics & marketing) obtained at Erasmus University Rotterdam, combined with several years of experience both in B2C and B2B, Jorne brings different insights to every project.