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We would like to invite you to explore our curated collection of LinkedIn contributions. Here, we try to bridge the gap and translate academic articles into practical applications, offering our unique take on a variety of topics including innovation, sales, marketing, AI, personal development etc.

Dive into our collection of articles, which stems from a diverse range of sources including academic research, managerial articles, client conversations, and our own expertise. Whether you’re seeking guidance on team management, organizational transformation, or strategic decision-making, our collection covers a wide range of topics to support your professional growth.

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Avoid the Solution Fixation Trap

Are you always eager to dive headfirst into solutions? Sometimes holding back just a bit is better.
Seeing is smelling v5

What you see is What you Smell

Pictures on packages and ads can evoke imagined scents (olfactory imagery).
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Breakthrough Research on Statistical Significance

It's time to move beyond Null Hypothesis Significance Testing.
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F… the Research Counting System!

Counting of poor proxies is destructive to science progress.
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Promoting Drugs After Patent Expiry

How much and is it worth It? Insights from a new research.
Willingness to pay

How Much is my New Product Worth for Customers?

If you ask them, do it with a closed question, not with an open one.
Curiosity v3

Curiosity in a Workplace

Curiosity allows to expand boundaries, discover, and deal with the unfamiliar
What can academics learn from filmmakers

Scientific Articles Can be Such a Drag!

Being able to write in an impactful and compelling way is an art
How not to use genAI in the sales process

GenAI in the Sales Process

Leverage the technology to develop a true understanding of the customers’ business
Coaching pays off!

Coaching Pays off for Firms

Firms that receive coaching outperform those that do not receive coaching in (1) sales, and (2) marketing innovation.
Resilience v7

Innovation Builds Resilience!

Don’t stop innovating when times are rough. Devote more attention to innovative solutions that help you react quickly and flexibly.
Great Research Ideas

How to Develop a Great Research Idea in 5 Minutes?

Getting great research ideas is at the core of scholarship. A lot can be learned from ideation practices at sophisticated companies.
Training Measurements

Effective Measurements

How can you measure the effectiveness of all the executive development you are doing? Measure these five dimensions.
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Asynchronous Learning

What is it? And why is it the future of custom executive education? Find out how MTI² makes use of asynchronous learning.
Innovating - Break down the problem into subproblems

Innovating? Break Down the Problem into Subproblems

Unlimited choice sometimes makes it harder for consumers to choose. Same logic can be applied in the innovation space.
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Fusion of Business and Science

Discover our Academic Fellowship Program, where our fellows will play an integral role in co-shaping the structure of our training programs.
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Nobody's Perfect: Embrace Imperfection!

Accepting to be imperfect does not mean giving up on high quality or trying to be the best version of ourselves we can be.
Commercial Experience Increases Innovativeness image

Commercial Experience Increases Innovativeness!

Firms that have commercial experience on their boards are more innovative than firms that do not.
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Focusing on Skills when Growing your Workforce

Rather than on degrees, focus on skills and go beyond recruiting to grow your workforce.
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Why MOOCs don't work in Education and Training

Find out the 'why' behind them not working as well as an alternative approach.
Boredom v1

Minimize Negative Customer Experience

Avoid information overload for customers as you try to figure out what they want. How?
MIT LinkedIn post

Mastering Meetings: How to Stay on Track?

Key takeaways from a study that explores how consumers perceive the fruits of university-industry collaboration.
AI and typewriter article

Learning and Generative AI

How generative AI affects how we learn, train and develop, explained in 5 bullet points.
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Develop a Strong Learning Vision

Learning vision is ideally a documented approach to learning for your function. We have found it extremely useful to have. Why?
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Mastering Meetings: How to Stay on Track?

What are the 5 most important aspects to pay attention to in order to keep the meetings from derailing?
Article about remote training

Remote Classroom: Debunking the Stigma!

How can we make remote teaching and learning super engaging and on par with learning in person?
Transformation post v1

Transformation: Must-Have Magic

Why do some transformations work while others fail? Here is a checklist one can use along the journey.
There is an I in team v5

There is an 'I' in Team!

No team functions well if you overlook the I’s of all the individuals in a team.
Habits post v1

Pursue HABITS, not GOALS!

BREAKTHROUGH: You only achieve your goals if you form the required habit
Giving feedback

3 Simple Do's and Don'ts in Giving Feedback

So many companies suffer because managers are bad at giving feedback to people. Here are three do’s and don’ts.