Marketing Academy at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

The Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health (BIAH) Excellence Academy’s overall goal is to help marketers at BIAH to be and remain excellent. This is achieved by keeping marketers skills fresh through exploring state-of-the-arts tools & cases, sharing knowledge across people & species (divisions), and helping marketers use market intelligence to make better decisions.

To achieve these objectives, BIAH partnered with MTI² to develop a comprehensive suite of programs focused on marketing excellence. The Marketing Excellence Academy is composed of three different programs, namely the Introduction to Marketing Program (IMP), the Specialty Marketing Program (SMP) and the Advanced Marketing Program (AMP).

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Introduction to Marketing Program (IMP): IMP-Track

For the IMP-Track we helped BIAH set up a mentoring program and built 10 tailored online modules on topics such as promotion strategy, innovation positioning, product lifecycle, digital marketing, etc. Each module included a customized webinar, curated reading materials & videos and a task for participants to complete. The IMP-Track had 5 objectives:

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Type of Content and Modules

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Specialty Marketing Program (SMP)

The goal of each SMP module is to enable BIAH marketers to accelerate marketing skills in a specialized marketing topic. The SMP trains marketers through cases and action-oriented tools. By using outside and within-industry cases, insights and decisions are generated through an interactive and dynamic process of exchanging experiences, debate and building on each other's ideas. At BIAH, we use the SMP to achieve three key objectives.

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We piloted the SMP with the inaugural “Evidence-Based Marketing Decision-Making” SMP. In an intensive and stimulating 1.5 day program, we combined inspiring cases from different industries to stretch participants’ thinking, individual coaching and sharing of state-of-the-art tools and frameworks. In the program we focused on three topics, namely (i) segmentation, (ii) pricing, and (iii) forecasting.

Advanced Marketing Program (AMP)

The key goal of the AMP program is to inspire and promote sharing of experiences regarding strategic decision-making and leadership among BIAH’s top marketers. For the AMP, a 'learn-think-act' approach has been adopted to extract insights for BIAH. We used the AMP to achieve four key objectives.

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The pilot AMP was a three-day program focused on improving participants’ strategic decision-making and leadership skills. In the program we focused on three topics, namely (i) choosing the right price for the right customer, (ii) innovative ways to launch a new product, and (iii) exploring & navigating trends in animal health. At the end of the program, participants worked in teams, and teams presented their conclusions on the trends they decided to explore.