Build a business case ready for funding


Maturation workshops 

Do you have ideas or concepts that need to become business cases? Do you need tools and methodologies to help your people build a convincing pitch? Do you need expert coaches that can challenge your people? Do you need to bring multiple ideas to the same level to be able to judge which one to fund?

Through our maturation workshops, we work with teams of innovators in your company to stress test their business case. Our coaching helps teams bring their ideas to life. We go from helping teams develop a vision to rocking their final pitches.

How will our maturation workshops help your organization?

  • Team will be able to build a business case through tools and methodologies that help them explore options and make decisions

  • Teams will be challenged by expert coaches to clarify their business case

  • Management will be provided with a complete pitch that covers all essential of a business to be able to assign funding to innovation team

Maturation workshops
Maturation Workshops
Maturation Wokshops
Matuation Workshops

What can I expect when work with MTI² on maturation workshops?

We will work closely together to decide on what degree of maturation your ideas need. Our maturation workshops vary from 2 days to 6 days, with pre-work and follow-up calls or meetings as required. During our maturation workshops we cover several topics including developing a vision, fit between your company and the opportunity, choosing you strategic direction & business model, quantifying your market, building a roadmap and making your presentation rock. For each topic we cover, we provide teams with inspiration, methodologies and tools to ideate and decide on the various components of the business case. Our coaches will work closely with teams to challenge and support them towards informative and inspiring pitches.