Transforming the innovation culture

Innovation Challenge

Michelin wanted to use the creativity of its employees to drive new business growth. They wanted to make innovation the responsibility of all employees and create a culture of innovation outside the normal Michelin routines.

Our collaboration with Michelin

We worked together with Michelin to design and implement a crowdsourced end-to-end innovation process. The global process was first deployed in North America, and then rolled out in China and Europe. Together, we also set up the Incubator Program Office (IPO) to support projects and allow for more lean innovation.

"Innovation is our main growth driver, as it has been since our beginning. But, it’s everyone’s business, and we must do everything possible to unleash the creative capabilities of Michelin employees."

Jean-Dominique Senard,

Michelin CEO

"I really appreciate all the work that was done and the incredible effort put forward by MTI² to make InnovationWorks a success. Truly a successful partnership."

Pedro Costa,

Head of Michelin Incubator Office


The InnovationWorks initiative was an overwhelming success. More than 4,500 were idea submitted, more than 100 teams developed their ideas through coaching by us and 14 ventures incubated by Michelin’s newly formed Incubator Program Office (IPO). Many ideas where taken back to the Business Units and others accelerated updates to existing products. The process brought a long lasting impact, transforming how the entire organization innovates. The Incubator Program Office has launched several new businesses and supported by Incubator Program Office, different regions worldwide continued launching own innovation initiatives.

Clients we had the privilege of working with:

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