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Co-designing a global innovation and stage-gate approach

Aliaxis is a global piping and fittings manufacturer. Aliaxis focuses on designing sustainable, easy to install, and innovative solutions to address global water challenges and accelerate the transition to clean energy. In recent years the company experienced exponential growth through acquisitions. By 2021, it reached revenues of €3.7B, with 14,000+ employees operating 40+ countries. With further growth in mind through innovation they plan to have 10% of turnover by 2025 generated by new products. Their innovative spirit was rewarded in 2022 when they were awarded the “Company of the Year 2022”. 


Aliaxis has many innovation projects in the pipeline. However, it has put forward a very ambitious growth and innovation target and it fell short on generating big innovations. Thus, they were in need of a proven approach to generate enough big innovation projects in an efficient manner.

Features of our solution

We co-designed and implemented a global innovation approach – in parallel to the vested stage-gate approach – to repeatedly generate big innovations by guiding Aliaxis technical and commercial talent through a well-orchestrated process of ideation, maturation, inception and experimentation. This approach combined domains such as Design Thinking, Voice of Customer and Lean Start-up. We also equipped this process with our own tooling and templates. 

Benefits of our solution

The first deployment of our solution generated three viable big innovations that made it to market. We also had very limited late-stage failure making it a very efficient approach also. We developed this approach globally and in a second wave brought it to local regions. We repeated the global success around the world, such as LATAM, APAC and EMEA. So far, in total, we helped generate more than 10 big innovations. 

Results of our collaboration

The process we implemented and steered at Aliaxis so far generated potential revenues from new products in excess of 200 million euros. In 2022, Aliaxis was awarded as “Company of the Year 2022”. The jury praised especially the innovation commitment and approaches of Aliaxis. In showcasing recent success, the CEO referred explicitly to one of the projects that came out of the process we co-developed.

Why MTI²?

We have a very strong reputation for the “innovation process”. The two executives onboarding us knew our reputation already, based on work with leading manufacturing organizations, such as in this case Michelin. Aliaxis is also a typical science and engineering environment which provides a natural fit for us. Moreover, Aliaxis is headquartered in Belgium, which also brought in geographical and cultural closeness with the HQ, despite having worked for Aliaxis locally around the world, often in local languages. We have worked with companies all around the world, showcasing the cultural versatility and global scalability of the innovation processes we build. 

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