Business Case Pitch Deck

To be selected to start the inception phase, innovation teams in our processes prepare a business case pitch. We use the business case pitch deck template to help teams with selected value propositions mature their ideas,  develop robust business cases, and present them to management to ask for the resources they need to advance towards market launch.

What is it?

The business case pitch is a 12-15 minutes presentation where teams present their business case to management and request additional resources to validate their assumptions and advance towards market launch. While we customize the business case pitch per customer, it typically includes the following 12 components:  

  1. Teaser: Add a catchy idea name and slogan for your innovation.
  2. Customer: Clarify your target customer (hint: choose an example case).
  3. Customer pain: Describe the customer pain and quantify it (hint: add “voice of customer”).
  4. Solution: Describe how you solve the customer pain and visualize your solution (hint: add “voice of customer”).
  5. Validation: Clarify what is feasible, what has already been proven, IP status (if applicable), and what remains to be validated.
  6. Why us? Partners?: Explain why our strengths will allow us to take advantage of the opportunity, how the idea fits with our strategy, and which partners we may need to win in this space.
  7. Competition: Who are our competitors and how do we differentiate (hint: focus on benefits to customers).
  8. Value extraction: Describe how you plan to make money (hint: visualize the value chain and money flow).
  9. Business quantification: Clarify how much the business is worth (hint: clarify the number of customers, volume of sales, revenues and profitability over time).
  10. Why now?: Explain why this is the right time for your idea and how will the market develop.
  11. Assumptions & inception plan: Describe which assumptions you will test next and what resources you need in the inception phase.
  12. Team: Showcase who the team members are, and why this is the right team to succeed (hint: show your passion; here you may also indicate if you need more people and, if so, what profiles).

What is the benefit?

The business case pitch deck is one of our proven templates to help innovation teams mature their ideas into full-fledged business cases. By asking teams to follow a template such as this one, we ensure comparability from the management’s perspective, making the project selection step more rigorous, simpler, and fairer. This template forces ideators to clarify (1) their unique value proposition, (2) technical competitive advantage, and (3) the business model for rapid growth. In short, the business case pitch deck template helps teams clearly and concisely communicate their innovation idea, which is critical to securing support and resources for further development.

In the image below you can find a storyboard for the business case pitch deck.