For our clients we develop e-learnings or, better said, customized asynchronous learning journeys. The trainings are asynchronous because the learners can go through the online training modules at their own speed, whenever they choose. 

Customization is a crucial aspect to us. This allows us to give meaning to terms that are specific to the company, to add corporate branding elements, include executive videos and testimonials, and share customized templates.

In our trainings we cover the following domains: (1) Marketing, (2) Customer, (3) Innovation, and (4) Sales. Among the trainings we developed, you can find topics like: Segmentation, targeting & positioning (STP), Launch excellence, Customer journeys & personas, Jobs-to-be-done, Value proposition and Leading & coaching high-performing sales teams.

If you would like to read more about the domains and topics we cover, visit our Training Services page.

What is the benefit?

Using the customized asynchronous learning journeys has the following benefits:

  • Storification through suitable themes keeps the learners more engaged and interested in the training
  • Customizable with the company’s branding, internal content etc.
  • Flexibility that allows for quick and easy updates e.g., when information gets outdated
  • Scalable modules that can be easily reused for new employees
  • User-friendly format that makes it easy to access the contents (in the office, on the go etc.) and go back to them when needed
  • “Bite-sized content” broken down into smaller pieces that are easy to digest for learners

Below you can find a video teaser of one of our Omnichannel Experimentation modules using a chameleon theme which is associated with agility and adaptiveness. In this learning we talk about the importance of experimentation in an omnichannel world. As we go through the module we discover the value of agility and get inspired by real-life examples that showcase why it is crucial to invest in agile experiments.