How might we

“How might we” statements are a way of framing questions that can help ideators generate more creative solutions to customer problems or challenges. The “how might we” question is open-ended and focuses on possibilities rather than limitations, encouraging creativity and removing mental blocks. Thus, we use “how might we” statements to help ideators reframe almost any challenge or problem into an opportunity for innovation.

How to fill it out?

  • How might we trigger…: Start with a verb that explains how you plan to help the customer (e.g., “enable”, “empower”, “improve,” “streamline,” or “simplify”).
  • Customer type…: Identify as precisely as possible the customer type. You can for instance refer back to a persona or a clear segment description (e.g., “working parents,” or “digital natives“).
  • to…: Indicate which customer behavior you want to trigger or activate (e.g., “help the customer more efficiently complete activity X”).
  • In order to…: Conclude by indicating which customer need are you addressing (e.g., “reduce time and effort spent doing X”).

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