Idea Napkin

We use Idea Napkins in early-stage ideation. Typically they follow ideation based on personas, ‘how might we’ questions, and white & dark horsing. Idea Napkins allow us to capture ideas from simple post-it notes and take them one step further.

How to fill it out?

To complete an Idea Napkin you need to:

  1. Give your idea a name (a memorable one 😊).
  2. Clarify which customer(s) benefit from your idea (as precise as possible).
  3. Explain the pain point(s) that the idea solves (focus on big pain points).
  4. Describe the idea in 1-2 sentences (what do you propose to solve the pain).
  5. Explain how the customer benefits from your idea (focus on benefits, not features).
  6. Sketch your idea or add a prototype (simple drawings & prototypes).

What is the benefit?

Capturing ideas in this napkin format has several benefits, including:

  1. Bring details to your solution to help others better understand your proposition.
  2. Easily compare between several ideas presented in a uniform format.
  3. Bring ideas across by combining text, sketches and prototype.

Overall, Idea Napkins allow innovators to bring ideas to life and share the key details of an idea easily and in an uniform format. Teams can quickly share several ideas and allow colleagues and management to judge ideas that move to next stage (typically building a complete value proposition pitch).

Idea Napkins are a great way to quickly share a large number of ideas, while providing enough information to get a good idea of what you are proposing. So go forth and ideate, and capture everything in Idea Napkins.

Download the Idea Napkin template