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Translate learnings into every day practice

Pro​ject work

Do you want your employees to translate their learnings into action? Are you looking for trainings that actually lead to action?  Do you want to trains your employees on how to structure their ideas and build a roadmap towards action?

Through project work, all of our programs are aimed towards action. Whether employees follow an online training, an interactive simulation or case discussion, we will provide them with the tools to stimulate action. 

How will our project work help your organization?

  • You will boost your ROI from your learning initiatives

  • Your employees will have the tools to translate insights into action

  • You will inspire employees to continuously improve their practices

What can I expect when MTI² develops project work?

We will always start by working together to design project work that fits your needs. Project work is always customized dependent on the program we run together (e.g. topics covered, seniority of participants, goals of the program, time & resources available to participants, etc.). We provide methodologies and tools to turn insights into action and following through with project work.

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