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Accelerate your ideas and boost your team's collaboration

Remote Acceleration Sprints

The way we innovate is changing. An increasing number of innovation teams have members who are not always colocated. For instance, if your teams work in different subsidiaries, in different geographical locations, or are temporarily unable to meet together in the same place, you need to create conditions for creativity and collaboration to flourish. Consequently, your teams' mastery of how to work together remotely is a critical driver of the team's potential.

Management is increasingly focusing on:

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However, helping your teams innovate remotely and digitally requires a mindset shift. It is more difficult to engage employees in online than in offline contexts. To be able to get one clear overview of where you are in terms of progress and to use the dynamics and the multidisciplinary skills in your team to the fullest, state-of-the-art methods and tooling are important. This way, you can ensure effective collaboration and progress. Even more than that, continuous upskilling of your employees is an essential way to keep their motivation high.

In the last decade, we have been developing competences of employees in the area of innovation and marketing has been at the core of what we do. In all our collaborations, our coach-the-coach mentality enables knowledge transfer and competence development in a very pragmatic way. Our extensive set of innovation tools and methods allow you to tackle your challenges, and our customized coaching ensures your employees know what to do, how to do it and to do it in an engaging way. 

MTI2 Remote Acceleration Sprints
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What does an acceleration sprint with MTI² look like?

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Kickstart your acceleration sprint:


Get started with our extensive innovation toolset based on best practices, is used by many innovation teams all over the world.


Get started with our guidance on working together in a virtual workspace with your team and using the workspace to cocreate with stakeholders (such as customers).


Get started with our dedicated innovation coaches, who have facilitated innovation teams on a wide range of challenges (coach-the-coach).


How will our remote acceleration sprints help your organization?

  • Your innovation teams will be ready to accelerate their ideas remotely

  • You get a customized selection of innovation tools that help you forward with your challenge

  • You will have the right digital tooling to showcase your progress

  • You will practice collaboration tools (on the job learning) to bring the drum beat back in your team

  • Both leaders and employees will feel "at ease" when working without being colocated in the same room

  • Internal innovation facilitators will learn the essential tools and techniques to facilitate remote-friendly innovation

  • You will contribute to a mindset shift at your organization where employees embrace remote collaboration

We combine our expertise in marketing and innovation with a range of smart remote collaboration tools and materials that help us unleash the potential of your teams. 

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