Simulation-Based Program

The simulation-based program is an intensive program which can be deployed online, offline or in a blended form. The example below is a five-day version of this program, but duration is tailored to each client’s needs. In this program, we combine a marketing strategy simulation and tailored tutorials to train marketers on topics such as (i) segmentation, (ii) forecasting, (iii) market research, (iv) strategic marketing, etc. A semi-real situation allows teams to gain valuable insight into marketing strategy decisions and their consequences. The simulation can be run for new marketers tackling the complexities of marketing, as well as for experienced marketers struggling with strategic decisions. 

How will our simulation-based program help your organization?

  • Your employees will think more strategically about the decisions they make

  • Employees will learn to work together to achieve a common goal 

  • Your employees will gain specific skills (e.g., how to build and draw insight from market research)

  • You will translate knowledge into every day practices 

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