Sirarpi Vardanian


As a cognitive neuroscientist Sirarpi Vardanian is intrigued by the human brain: what makes humans tick, how do we make decisions, what motivates humans. The desire to create impact drove Sirarpi to cut her academic career as a PhD short and get a taste of the business world. She ended up working as a customer success manager in a software company called Teamleader, where she created impact for SMEs in Belgium and abroad.

What drove her to MTI² is the perfect marriage between the business world and the academic atmosphere. You can get out of academia, but you can’t get the academic out of you.

Being at MTI² allows Sirarpi to be in the type of environment where she feels she can thrive: there is the possibility to keep learning every day, to get challenged by inspiring colleagues and customers, and to create impact: either internally as a communication and operation manager, or externally as a training representative.

In her spare time, you can also find her as a volunteer and board member for Ekoli, an NGO that gives free and accessible science workshops to children in a vulnerable context.