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Discover the needs of tomorrow's customers and launch new solutions and business models they will love



Discovery Sprints

Discover new solutions you can sell to your customers

Why Solution Discovery Sprints?

• Approximately 20 to 40 idea napkins per persona or domain

• Ideas filtered through portfolio tools

• Input from management for strategic alignment based on comparable idea napkins


We guide and coach participants in the generation of a large number of ideas for a pre-selected set of customers (or personas). We typically do this through 3-4 webinars (once or twice per week) with some “homework” in between. In these webinars, we share action-oriented tools that trigger participants’ creativity. We also share inspiring cases and show how an iterative process of reflecting on customer needs and solutions for such needs, one can unlock game-changing ideas.

Examples of tools we use in our solution ideation sprints include "how might we" questions, "idea napkins", etc.

From "How Might We" questions to Idea Napkins:

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