Learn where to innovate


Strategic domain identification

Do you want to identify which areas your innovation efforts should focus on? Or do you want to identify areas for a selected group of employees to explore? 

Often companies struggle to identify which innovation domains to devote their resources to. They often struggle between focusing their innovation strategy on domains they are already active in, new emerging domains shaping their industry or entirely new domains to grow their business. By working together, we will be able to identify the right domains for a winning innovation strategy. 

How will our strategic domain identification help your organization?

  • We will work together to create a list of potential domains

  • We will provide you with tools to select the best domains to innovate on 

  • You will be able to focus your innovation efforts to generate new business

What can I expect when working with MTI² on strategic domain identification?

If you do not yet have a list of potential domains to select from, through co-creation workshops we can work together to create a list of avenues for innovation. You can also ask us to research your industry and trends to bring you a list of potential domains. Having a long list of domains, we will provide you with tools to effectively select domains. We can provide a variety of tools depending on your end goal. 

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Get in touch with our specialist: Prof. dr. Elio Keko - Associate Principal, for more information