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We help you learn from market insights to craft, launch, & grow products & services

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We help you test your 
product design
customer experience
customer choice
revenue model
branding strategy
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We help you predict your 
sales adoption speed
advertising effectiveness
customer behaviour
competitors’ reactions
Diagnose Illustration.png
We help you diagnose
slow adoption causes
customer dissatisfaction
low customer profitability
△ in sales performance
policy change effects

Our methodology flexibly guides you through testing the robustness & potential of ideas and products


Some of our research methods

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Experimental Design Card.png

Your Perfect Partner


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We bring you the perfect blend of knowledge and skills by bridging marketing, innovation and analytics. We are a team of marketing experts, who found each other at MTI², originally founded to bring marketing thinking to technology innovations. We grew MTI² globally, becoming renowned experts in helping companies generate and launch customer-centric innovations.

With our takeoff analytics lab, we are going back to our roots in market research analytics, now armed with firsthand knowledge on how to craft, launch and grow new products and services. Takeoff analytics is very flexible, we can offer you lean research methods until state-of-the-art data science. When founding the lab, the name Takeoff Analytics came naturally. Our founder Stefan Stremersch first made his mark on the academic world on takeoff and diffusion, and we have since acted as a launching ramp for marketers and innovators globally. 

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Get in touch with our specialist: Jorne Valstar, for more information
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