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Team development 

Do you need to build a cross-functional team that can take innovation projects forward? Do you need to spread the word throughout the organization to find innovators to join teams? Do you need tools to share ideas effectively in order to recruit team members? 

The right team is as important, and in many cases, more important than the idea in innovation. Often companies have ideators who need team members or small teams that need more competencies to help develop innovations. Through team development we aim to from a 'band of brothers' that can move your innovation projects forward. We build on our experience coaching thousands of innovation teams to help you build cross-functional team that can effectively work together to bring ideas to the next level. 

How will our team development help your organization?

  • You will build teams with carefully selected members that can give a boost to your innovation projects

  • You will spread the word in the organization through different formats (e.g. digital, marketplaces & poster sessions) 

  • Management will get to know ideas and innovators in your organization

Team Development
Team Development
Team Development
Team Development

What can I expect when work with MTI² on team development?

We will begin by determining how many people and with what competencies are needed to bring your innovations to the next stage of development. Together, we will then determine the suitability of the digital versus live marketplace & poster sessions. For each format, we will provide you with examples on how to best provide information on the idea and entice team members to join. When you are working with multiple ideas that require team members, marketplaces for example are a great opportunity for recruitment of team members and also for management to get to know the ideas and people involved. 

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