Unleash your transformational potential with MTI²’s customizable toolkit

At MTI², we have a unique toolkit to help firms achieve transformational objectives in the areas of innovation, commercial and marketing excellence. With nearly two decades of experience in developing strong end-to-end processes for innovation and transformation, we have a vast collection of processes, tools, and hands-on templates to help you achieve desired results faster, leaner, and better.

Our “toolkit” includes a set of processes, tools, and templates that help companies – and their employees – achieve ambitious transformation objectives. We tailor our processes to your specific needs and equip you, at each step, with the right tools and templates to help you achieve your objectives.

If you work with MTI², you work with the Rolls Royce of end-to-end processes.

Visit our toolkit pages below to learn more about the processes, tools, and templates we offer:


We co-design tailored processes, i.e., a sequence of activities or steps that will help you achieve your objectives by promoting transformation and entrepreneurship.


We bring analytical frameworks to help you collaborate more productively and make better decisions. We match the right tool with the right process step to ensure you achieve your objectives.


We equip you with customized hands-on instruments that act as a starting point for your teams to get started quickly on your transformational objectives.