Learn about disruptive trends in your current and future markets


Trend Research 

Do you want to know about the trends that are and will revolutionize your industry? Do you want to learn about societal trends that will affect your company? Do you want to know what your competitors are doing? 

Our trend research will bring you up to speed with the latest trends that will define your future. We will not only provide you with trends but also insights into the role that your company can play in taking advantage of these trends.

How will our trend research help your organization?

  • Understand societal trends, customer trends, and technology breakthroughs that affect your company

  • Learn about what innovations competitors are working on or have brought to market

  • Discover insights on how your company can seize opportunities based on trends


What can I expect when I work with MTI² on trend research?

First, we will want to learn about the knowledge you already have acquired so that we don't tell you what you already know. Learning about trends can then be done in multiple ways depending on your needs and resources. This can be through desk research, expert interviews, customer research (e.g., surveys and focus groups), value chain analysis, etc. We will provide you with a summary of the trends, examples of how companies are taking advantage of the trends, what the future holds, and insights about how your company is positioned to exploit these trends. We can help you gather and share insights to spread the knowledge throughout the organization. We can also design and implement workshops that leverage the trend to inspire actions your company can take.   

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Get in touch with our specialist: Prof. dr. Elio Keko - Associate Principal, for more information