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Selected use cases

Use Case 1: Partner search

Context: Large pharma multinational (50K employees, US$ 17B)

Q: Can you help us identify startups in our region with whom we could partner to launch a digital 
innovation for patients with chronic diseases (e.g., an app to predict the occurrence of attacks…)?


Use Case 2: Market sizing

Context: Large tier 1 supplier auto industry (125K employees; EUR 24B)

Q: Can you help us measure the attractiveness of different markets for 7 ongoing innovation projects? How large are different market segments? How will they evolve? Which should we choose as beachhead markets?


Use Case 3: Benchmarking best practices

Context: Regional telco & media leader (1.9K employees, EUR 2.9B)

Q: Can you help us identify best practices in predictive analytics for marketing that we could use to 
benchmark and improve our own projects at our company

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